We specialize in:

Caring for Seniors and Homebound

Our Physicians provide comprehensive servies for homebound patients, assisted, and skilled living facilities.

Mobile Doctors' physician improves a patient’s health and quality of life. A Mobile Doctors™ physician has a personal relationship with the patient and their caregiver. They understand the environmental factors that might have a bearing on a patient’s health and well-being. Mobile Doctors™ also work to make adult and senior home care affordable by educating patients and reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations.
If a patient requires hospitalization, a nursing home, or skilled nursing in a facility, we will work with the patient and family to coordinate the move, but will not follow the patient to the facility. Our wide coverage area and number of facilities inhibits our ability to meets the needs of both the patient preferences and the hospital/nursing home staffing. Depending on the area, we do have relationships with hospitalist programs and can coordinate care with their staff. We will relay preferences, coordinate care, send records, and work with discharge planning to transition the patient back to their home. With our long history in adult and elderly home care, we can also help patients with other care options provided by home health skilled nursing or other companies specializing in home care. This includes community based resources, homemaker services, and possibly assisted/supportive living communities.

The homebound consists of human beings suffering from disability, mobility impairment, disruptive behavioral problems, and end of life illness. These medical and/or psychiatric causes can lead to isolation with the result of increased morbidity and mortality. This homebound population has limited medical access confounded by insurmountable obstacles to transportation due to obvious physical and psychiatric illness, stress, and expense.
This is a physician housecall program that returns to the ancient and noble tradition of direct community involvement and serves the medical and/or psychiatric homebound patient to improve their quality of life, reduce cost, and minimize morbidity and mortality. The patients receive personalized treatment of acute disease, exacerbation of chronic illness, relief of suffering, and management of chronic symptoms. MMO is committed to achieve an improved quality of life with improved cost-effectiveness for the homebound patient in culturally sensitive fashion while reducing suffering, controlling symptoms of chronic illness, treatment of acute disease, and if possible restoration of functional capacity.